Ton o fun

I had a lot of fun today on a cool little right not too far from the homestead.
I rode the board on the right first. 5’8 x 20 x 2 3/16 its the op3 model cutdown I changed the front fins out from the Simon’s I rode yesterday. I got them in Oz last month, they are Haden shapes, they were a touch smaller which made the board feel lil looser. I mean 20″ wide is pretty extreme for me Anyway then i switched to the 5 finner. Which is hand shape. Which is same size and thickness only a quarter inch narrower at 19 3/4. Crazy how much more control I had. I really had a ton o fun on that board today! The 5th fin (knob) is actually called “the knub” or “knubster” works good with the quad set up for wider tails.

blogger-image-678690646 blogger-image-617872874 Ton o Fun


  1. Hey im pretty sure that this is right by my home break were you in northern manhattan beach?

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