Small Wave Humblings: very good for you…

Here is my first little video blog post. I’ve decided to do this because I have a ton of friends and fans that want to know what kind of board a man rides in different conditions. All you ever hear about is what kids ride: My goal in this 2 part series is to: learn, experiment with different boards and fin set ups, and ultimately find a small wave quiver. The waves usually suck around here, however, small, crappy waves are extremely challenging, keep you tuned and reflexes sharp. I feel like I’m surfing ok in this footage but there is nothing to humble one more than to watch oneself surf… sheesh.
Also, for anyone who knows me, I love to imitate different voices and accents hence the Japanese English title…
take care and feel free to comment as I’m interested in what works for others in different conditions. BG


  1. Hi Brad. My name is Christophe, I’m French and I read recently the interview you gave for Surfer’s journal. I was really interested in what you said about the Wave Ki, it seems really powerful and helpful for the technique.

    Are you gonna do some videos about that ? Or will you publish a book about ?


  2. hi brad
    where is that book at and are you planning a video dude?
    Wave ki? where is Wave ki ? Wave ki?

  3. james heitkotter says:

    Have 3 of your dads carve boards. They have helped my surfing workout. Looking forward to your wave ki book. I read despite the comment in surfers journal

  4. Rodrigo Aguiar says:

    hi dude! i’ve seen the same interview in the Surfer’s Journal (in portuguese, i’m brazilian) and i want to know more about this “Wave Ki” thing! looks awesome! i bought a 6’0″ trifin fish to lear to surf too (i already skate, kinda imitating), and here where i live the waves are small, so i think your video gonna help me too. keep rockin’bro

  5. I just read the same interview and saw some pics of wave ki and I’m hoping there will be a book or vids available soon, if they’re not already.

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