Parker Wins

Parker CoffinLast week I spent a few days down at Lowers coaching 3 groms. Jesse Guglielmana from Kaui, Colton Sarlo from Malibu, and Parker Coffin from Santa Barbara.
These kids are fun to watch and have something special about their surfing that no one can teach. It’s just a gift. I’m helping them understand their strengths, giving them a few technical tips, jogging their imagination, and reminding them that they surf their best when they are having fun. Which means no thinking or talking to yourself while surfing. Their intuition is good enough to know which waves are best and their bodies know what to do on the waves. Thinking only gets in the way. I was so happy to get a call from Parker yesterday saying he won. It’s such a buzz. I have a feeling I’m supposed to get used to it. :)

Parker Coffin

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