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I love to mix things up but usually don’t get out of the water to change things up during a session…Today I rode some 2-3 ft fun little right point waves. I changed my board twice and fin set up 5 times. Here’s my quick feedback: 1. Black rail board is called the Ocean Avenger model: double bump swallow 5’8″ x 19 1/2 x 2 5/16 Quad with 5 boxes. Front fins: EA tech flex, back fins: just say 375 on them, and i tried the regular size knubster, ( 5th fin, don’t know measurements of it yet) Felt ok but a little limiting in the lack of size and power. Rode 3-4 waves.
2. Same board without knubster: felt freed up and faster with less drag. I’m
Stoked on the speed but still not totally comfortable off the top on the quad set up. Rode 6-7 waves.
3. Change board: hand shape 5’8 x19 3/4 x 2 3/16 wide tail swallow. Front fins: EA standard, back fins, random tow fins, and small knubster as 5th fin. Same kind thing as above, felt ok but a little slow with the wave size. Like 5th fin wasn’t necessary.
4. Same board as above without knubster. Much faster and free feeling. Weird off the top though which seems to be the case, at least with me… Maybe it’s just too wide in the tail for tight radius turning or I need to brute force it a bit? I don’t know yet. Rode 4-5 waves
5. Same board as above change rear fins to 375’s. Board felt a little better and held a touch more. Rode 5-6 waves.
Boards are made by Chris Christenson and all of the fins except one are Futures. One of the knubsters is an fCS.

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