Here’s a doozy of a board. 6’3 x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16 kustom order for the kid. Feels like a double concave but I need to talk with Chris to define the bottom correctly.
Fins are a Timmy Patterson template made of G-10 material. The trailing fin is a touch smaller then the leading fins.
The fins are concaved and I’ve rode the same fins for 3 years in all sizes of waves in several boards. LOVE THESE BAD BOYS! They are very stiff with a slight flex at the tip, drivey and responsive. G-10: i believe is a hundred layers of glass pressed and cooked. Some military shit. The glass on thes puppy’s is at a 45 degree angle. Meaning flex and no twist.
Rode this last week on that second swell at an overhead
right and just loved the drive and carry it had. The Rp shape allows it to turn tight in the pocket too. This board is simply magic. I’ve ridden her in Bali on lefts and she’s just as responsive.
Joy is the only word that works here. Thanks again Chris. I really appreciate it bud.

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