Brad Gerlach is now available for private coaching world-wide. Specializing in surfing technique and how to get better.

No matter what your level.

His teaching style is a combination of explained surfing mechanics, how to practice through surf specific exercises, and how to implement them with visualization.

Brad's mentor's have been his father, an Olympic Diver from Hungary, Adrian Crook, a student of Kung Fu and sports movement specialist and Laura McCormac, a 4th degree black belt in Ace Aikido, Tai Chi Master, Professional Dancer, and Feldenkrais practitioner for over 20 years.

Read testimonials below from some of his students, ranging from beginners to pros:


  • "Not only am I surfing better, I have more fun and feel more in-tuned with my whole body."

    - Parker Coffin

  • Brad has a unique gift as a surfing coach and has developed a land and water program that will accelerate your surfing to a new level... read more

    - Joe Dowling

  • Brad Gerlach is a great surf coach. He is clear in his communication, and his surfing skills are off the richter.

    - Colton Sarlo

  • I think we all tend to lose sight of why we started to surf and how incredibly fun it can be; Brad got me back in touch with more

    - Steve Rabineau, Santa Monica, CA

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