Coaching The Coffins

I have been working with Parker for almost 4 years, and Conner 3. We work on technique, speed, body looseness, expression, and multitude of other things. Mainly to help them become the best they can be… For the most part, I help guide them in ways that make them feel good, when an athlete feels good he/she usually performs good. I do this through empowerment, humor, technical feedback, listening and supporting. They are many things I know because I have been there before. I do not know everything and don’t pretend I do so sometimes it’s a discovery. Which I find fun. I am passionate about surfing and helping people surf and feel better. I am a teacher, mentor, and life coach for these dudes and they have been very successful so far because they have the desire, drive, intellect and discipline to keep getting better. The sky is the limit with both these guys.


  1. Ryan Holmes says:

    So simple but so true, when an people feel better they perform better. So glad you are sharing this! Came here because I am interested in Surf Ki, want to get more reps and awareness out of the water so I can have more fun in the water! Little did I know I would pick up a reminder that would help me EVERYWHERE in life! Thanks Brad!

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