Small Wave Humblings: very good for you…

Here is my first little video blog post. I’ve decided to do this because I have a ton of friends and fans that want to know what kind of board a man rides in different conditions. All you ever hear about is what kids ride: My goal in this 2 part series is to: learn, […]


Here’s a doozy of a board. 6’3 x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16 kustom order for the kid. Feels like a double concave but I need to talk with Chris to define the bottom correctly. Fins are a Timmy Patterson template made of G-10 material. The trailing fin is a touch smaller then the leading […]

Experimenting Is Fun

I love to mix things up but usually don’t get out of the water to change things up during a session…Today I rode some 2-3 ft fun little right point waves. I changed my board twice and fin set up 5 times. Here’s my quick feedback: 1. Black rail board is called the Ocean Avenger […]

Tried This Today

Been riding a few different quads lately but this is the first time I threw the knubster in. Surf was 3-4 glassy bowls. It seemed to hold better and was still fast. I’m def intrigued…

Surfing With Nathan

Last month I was lucky enough to take Nathan surfing at Malibu. Thanks to my bud Scott Caan we paddled out at first point with Nathan and got him some bombs. It was really rad to ride behind him and watch him read the waves. He would turn the board by leaning his head. I […]

Parker Wins

Last week I spent a few days down at Lowers coaching 3 groms. Jesse Guglielmana from Kaui, Colton Sarlo from Malibu, and Parker Coffin from Santa Barbara. These kids are fun to watch and have something special about their surfing that no one can teach. It’s just a gift. I’m helping them understand their strengths, […]

First Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog: This will be fun to post stuff that interests and inspires me. A place for humor and introspection… From time to time I’m going to leave some surfing tips on here , everything from how to generate speed to fixing a knee or back problem without going under the […]

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