Coaching The Coffins

I have been working with Parker for almost 4 years, and Conner 3. We work on technique, speed, body looseness, expression, and multitude of other things. Mainly to help them become the best they can be… For the most part, I help guide them in ways that make them feel good, when an athlete feels […]

Surfer Mag Article on Coaching

One of surfing’s more colorful characters, Brad Gerlach has had a career that truly spanned the spectrum. From World No. 1, to big-wave hellman, to his current role as a coach for the Coffin brothers, there’s no denying that Gerlach holds a wealth of knowledge when it comes to surfing. With that in mind, we […]

Surfboards Are Like Golf Clubs

The footy is from a couple of different sessions at one of my favorite places to surf near home. I’m riding a few different boards but they all have the same dims. All boards shaped by my friend Chris Christenson. I’m 5’11 x 175 lbs or so, I think that’s 78 kilos or 11 1/2 […]

My Hawaii Quiver Winter 1993-1994

Got a funny memory about the 10 footer at Waimea with Frankenreiter, absolutely loved the 7’5 out at Pipe, and rode the 6’8 a bunch. Wish I still had these babies, this is the only photo i have of this quiver. I only have the 7’5 so if anyone has one of these I would […]

One of My Favorites

This is my little home away from home. I’m riding 3 different boards in the footage. All shaped by my boy Chris Christenson: First one is an OP3- 6’0 x 18 3/4 squash, the all white one is a hand shape 6’1 x 18 3/4 round pin, and the black railed board is a OP2- […]

Former Number One

Ever since I finished the 1991 season on the Asp world tour I have been labeled a former number 2 surfer and I’ve been fine with that… Sort of… I don’t see myself as bitter or all weird because I didn’t win the world title… guess that’s not for me to decide hahaha. Ok at […]

Ton o fun

I had a lot of fun today on a cool little right not too far from the homestead. I rode the board on the right first. 5’8 x 20 x 2 3/16 its the op3 model cutdown I changed the front fins out from the Simon’s I rode yesterday. I got them in Oz last […]

Small Wave Humblings pt. 2

This was fun trying different boards and different fin set ups. I found out that I liked the black railed board the best. It’s dimensions are in the vid. I’m always interested in finding a board that flies in little waves and has no drag. I can’t say I love this footage but it’s cool […]

Old boards, photos, memories

This is a 6’2 6 channel shaped by Peter Benjamin. It worked incredible. I think this is seaside 1987-88. I used to surf there everyday I was home. I took down Kong in Newcastle on this puppy with a 9 in the last 30 seconds of the quarters. It was always so fun to beat […]

I love the blues

I asked this old dude to play me some howling wolf and he went into “going back to Kansas city.” I’m guessing there was a girl there. Can’t see many other reasons other than family. He had two little amps one for the mike and one for the strat. Old strat too. He seemed happy […]

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